Saturday, 6 October 2012

Why are MOE dealing with Israeli Telco?

YTL has been awarded the I-bistari project under the Ministry of Education which will connect all schools in Malaysia to the internet using the YES network via fibreoptics and VSAT for remote areas.This project is a replacement of the smart school project earlier awarded to Jaring, a GLC, which has lost out completely in the new project to YTL.
For the VSAT portion, YTL is finalising with Maxis, our local telecommunication provider.
There are multiple VSAT equipment vendors across the world, but primarily 4 players dominates VSAT industry as follows. . Hughes, Viasat and iDirect originates from US whereas Gilat is clearly an Israeli company
In Malaysia due to the sensitivity of being an Israeli company, Gilat operates under the name of SpaceNet, their 100% subsidiary.
Maxis is the only Malaysian company that uses SpaceNet as vendor for VSAT services. SpaceNet is a company registered in US and is wholy owned by Gilat as also has been mentioned on tbeir website. Maxis currently have Gilat Hub For their C Band VSAT services and have setup one beam hub from SpaceNet installed on Measat-5 satellite and are planning to setup another 4 beams. The new 4 beam hub will be delivered to Maxis soon and will be ready tentatively by end of Oct 2012 for Operation.
SpaceNet, the subsidiary of Gilat  has their office in Malaysia  near Jaya 33, Petaling Jaya with 2 of their representatives working and operating in Malaysia.  The sales representative is with the  name of Vijay.
The concern to the Malaysian public especially Muslims is that our childrens education will be based on information provided by a Jewish company, hiding behind other Malaysian companies like YTL and Maxis.To make matter worse, The whole thing is paid for by the rakyat, through the Ministry of Education.
In the first place, why a chinese owned company like YTL and and indian owned company like Maxis chose to conspire with a Jewish company to feed information to our children? And how can Ministry officials 'close one eye' to a Jewish company amongst our children?
We also heard that Maxis might use this product for claw back some projects under SKMM and few other government projects.
If this is indeed true, it is a sad day for all Malaysians, especially Muslims. The only thing we can say is 'Akibat tamak haloba,Tergadailah, bangsa, negara dan agama"

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